Question 1

How much experience do you have?

In 2017, Distinct Interiors is 25 years old.  When Randy started the business in 1992, the main focus was on fine finishing using painting and faux techniques.  Randy has continued to train, research and create new finishes and products.  Today, Distinct Interiors focuses on Concrete Overlay using our very own mix of ingredient.  Distinct Interiors has completed projects in over a thousand residences and commercial spaces from Whistler to White Rock, Kelowna to Vancouver Island and all parts of the Lower Mainland.

Question 2

What are some examples of your work?

A great place to see examples is on our Houzz site.  In addition, we are able to visit previous customers to view specific projects.

Question 3

Are you insured and licensed?

Yes, Distinct Interiors has all the required insurance including Worksafe BC, General Liability and Commercial Liability.

Questions 4

I am a designer and would like to have a sample on hand, can you please send one?

All of our samples are custom created based on the job requirements.

Question 5

Why does the finished wall not look like the sample?

Concrete overlay, like concrete, will have variations and inconsistencies, all characteristics of concrete.   It will have irregularities and imperfection similar to natural stone. 

What does Concrete Overlay take to maintain?

Think of Concrete Overlay comparable to natural stone.  We will finish your project using good sealers / waxes, over time you will want to re-apply for maintenance.  Ensure you use non-abrasive cleaners.  Wipe up spills such as red wine, oils and lemon which may be splashed onto the Concrete Overlay without letting them sit too long.

Question 6

Question 7




How does billing work?

Once you have accepted our Estimate, an invoice for a 40% deposit will be sent to you 1-2 weeks prior to the project start date.  A deposit is required to start the work.  Upon accepted completion of the project, that final invoice for the remaining amount will be sent.  Payment is due within 30 days.


Question 8

What can I expect for my project?

A site visit is the first step in the process to ensure understanding of the scope of work.  The initial steps involve site prep.  Concrete overlay is hand-crafted on site in a layering process which requires application and then drying times.  A typical project takes 4-6 layers, therefore, I can be in and out of the job site for 5-10 business days.

Question 9


How much work will you do yourself vs contractors?

100% of the Concrete Overlay finishing is completed by Randy Orr, Decorative Artist. Subcontractors are engaged help prepare sites and provide carpentry services as required.

Question 10



Will you be working on other projects the same time as my project?

Yes, we usually have 1 or 2 projects on the go at the same time due to drying times required for the Concrete Overlay, we will be in and out of work site during each day which leaves some gaps in our schedule.  We attempt to schedule jobs in the same vicinity during the same time period.